CalorieSmart Calorie Counter, Nutrition Tracker, Diet and Fitness Tracker App Reviews

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Good app. Few minor flaws

Overall it is a great app. Easy to use lots of info. Small gripes: cannot delete info once input an cannot use decimal point when inputting custom foods.

Gerat App

Great application but latest update actually doesnt fix an issue with favorites but creates one. Also says SEARHING. When searching. Otherwise great app

Very Nice

Clean overview screen. Very nice update. The database is easy to use. Just missing something: total calories consumed bar graph dont substrate calories burned! This major problem should be corrected on order to get 5 star!

Original CalorieSmart

I have the original hand held version. I find this app great. It is so handy. I have my phone with me all the time, not so my hand held. Lot more choices. Great to see Canadian restaurants also. I have found a few discrepancies for calories. Keep up the good work. Your loyal customer.

From handheld to app.

This program has an amazing data base of foods and restaurants to choose from. It also allows for inputting (deducting) exercise calories from preset or customizable routines. I started with hand held, downloaded app and am duly impressed.

Great start if you need a food journal

You can set your protein and sugar intake goals, not just a calorie counter! Wish there were more common foods to select. And it being the summer, more grilled foods to select - its BBQ season! A little light on homemade items. If you are eating healthy, you tend to avoid restaurants. Aside from that, worth every cent!

Great data base!

I use it as an additional tool for weight watchers and appreciate it a lot. Thanks for making a great app!

Great app

This is great lost 17 lbs.Didnt realize how many calories things were,this is easy way to keep count,eat less but still enjoy your favorite foods.

Weight loss

Awesomely awesome!

Nice app, needs enhancements

Good app. Would be nice to have a lite version. A version that does not require me to input meal times, or instead records the time I input as the meal time. Also would be good to create custom foods by simply adding foods together from your database. Far too complicated and time consuming currently.

Great tracker

Great app.. Allows for easy entry for homemade foods. Easy to recall favorite foods. Really helps with macros/ micro taking

Definitely worthwhile

Great app for tracking food/exercise. My only suggestion would be that they update their database of brand foods. I hate having to look things up on the Internet and the. As them as custom foods. Otherwise, awesome tool.

Great App

I love it. But keep up with the fast food chain menus. People are eating at fast food places more to save $$ and we need to know and keep track of what we are eating !!

Very Versatile

Like the ability to customize and add favorites. Very user friendly! Can now back it up to my IPAD too.

Awesome 

So easy and it keeps me motivated. I came home one day and weighed myself and I was 4 pounds over what I usually am  I have now lost them and I am working toward my goal weight 


I really like this app but wish there was a better way to track your weight loss and show your progress instead of just your current weight. It has really helped me stay on track.


I think its excellent. Most of the food I eat are not in the data base, but the custom Food tab makes it easy to create a special list. After a week it seems a simple process to track I am more aware of my sodium intake and that was important information.


What a simple and easy way to keep track of calories and all the activities you use to control weight and your health. Food score value seems to reflect weight watcher value.

Awesome app!

Love it! Much more conscious of my intakes, have lost 8 lbs since I started using it!


This is the most helpful tool Ive found. Easy to use and very thorough.

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