CalorieSmart Calorie Counter, Nutrition Tracker, Diet and Fitness Tracker App Reviews

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Great tracker

Great app.. Allows for easy entry for homemade foods. Easy to recall favorite foods. Really helps with macros/ micro taking

Weight loss

Awesomely awesome!

Cats meow

Love it. Pre-diabetic, hyper-lipidemia and hypertension. This app does Everything I need except for quick input. Maybe someday functional voice recognition will solve that problem. Great app. However, synchronizing with the lousy Web interface doesnt work very well. Which is ok because the Web site STINKS!

Great app

Very versatile and comprehensive!

Easy App to Learn and Use

Have used this app for a couple of years. I am not techy at all but was easy to learn and use. It helps me keep up with what I eat and my exercise. Has so far helped me lose 23 pounds only 23 more to go. We do not realize how much we eat without keeping track.


Some of the items has been long gone Burger King didnt have CHICKEN TENDERS in months but its yet in the app and the company made an app and its a great app to look at and needs more restaurants including Sbarro and more!

Great app

Exactly what I wanted for tracking intake.

App-solutely a must-have if youre a calorie tracker

I use it daily to keep track of food intake & workout activity. Love that it syncs my iPad & iPhone. Very user friendly, allows me to add my favorite foods, and copy meal entries from previous days. It also calculates net calories (food intake minus calories burned via workout activity). NOTE TO COHESO: Can you add a text field on the next version update? It would be nice to be able to add a daily note or a short comment about my journey each day. Theres only one tracker app that has this feature and its not half as good as your app. Love this app!

Great app

Excellent app that list alot of food and restaurants

Love it!

Great to keep track of calories, exercise & u can search for different foods

Worked well!

Started using it a couple years ago. Helped me lose 40lbs.


I dont have experience with other calorie counting apps, but this one has been useful for me. I agree with some of the other posters about the opportunities for improvement of this app. Ill keep using it but Id like to see it also continuously improve.

Love it!!!!!

I love this app. It help me out a lot.

Great app, but room for improvement

I have been using this app for about six months now. It has its downsides, but I still think it is so much better than similar ones I have tried. My cons list seems to be long because I have provided examples. Pros: easy to use; customizable; ability to adjust portion size; daily, weekly, and monthly reports; useful reports (both details and totals); accurate nutritional values. Cons: no UPC scanner; no ability to enter a recipe and have the app calculate nutritional value; food list not extensive enough; in some places food list not well organized (for example, listing Kelloggs products individually rather than as products within the brand); search function not great (a search for butter should bring up butter as the first listing, but instead it brings up an alphabetical list of every item with butter in the name); search function does not correct spelling errors (a search for buttr would come up empty rather than spelling help upon entering the term). I had hoped the recent update would address these things, but it did not.

Great helper!

Ive used Calorie Smart for several years now and this year Im going to use the calorie tracker for a 2 week tester to see if it helps me lose a few pounds. I love the assistance when having to eat out. This app helps you make good choices.


This is a fantastic app. It does everything I need and it is easy to use.


Best out there!

I used this app to lose 150 pounds.

Yep. It works. Just take a little time out of your day to log what you eat (once youre in the habit of doing it youll barely notice that you do it) and youll watch the weight fly off.

Great App

I like this app so far its great and easy to use. I like that we can add our own foods too instead of searching for common foods. Its worth the dollar.

Like it

Easy to use better than most apps like this. Would like to set fav exercise like you can food.

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